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Product Name: N,N′-Bis(trimethylsilyl) urea
CAS No: 18297-63-7
Product Type: Other Intermediates
Product spec: Appearance : White Powder
Packing: 25 kgs/Drum
Post Time: 2020-04-20
Usage: N,N’-Bis(trimethylsilyl)urea is used as a reagent for the silylation of alcohols and carboxylic acids
Description: CAS NO. : 18297-63-7 HS Code : BSU;Urea, TMS;Hexamethyl disilaurea;BIS(TRIMETHYLSILYL)UREA;N,N’- Di(trimethylsilyl)urea;1,3Bis(trimethylsilyl)urea;1,1-bis(triMethylsilyl)urea;N,N’ BIS(TRIMETHYLSILYL)UREA;n,n’-bis(trimethylsilyl) ure;Ureylenebis(trimethylsilane) Origin : GERMANY Packing : 50 kgs/Drum Molecular Formula : C7H20N2OSi2 Molecular Weight : 204.42 Appearance : White Powder Status : Commercial
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