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CAS No: 9012-76-4
Product Type: Coatings and Paints -> Paints
Product spec: Appearance : Slight yellow
Packing: Packing : 25 kg/drum
Post Time: 2020-04-20
Usage: Chitosan has a number of commercial and possible biomedical uses. It can be used in agriculture as a seed treatment and biopesticide, helping plants to fight off fungal infections. In industry, it can be used in a self-healing polyurethane paint coating
Description: CAS NO. : 9012-76-4 Synonym : Deacetylated chitin, Poly(D-glucosamine) Origin : USA Packing : 50 kg/drum Molecular Formula : C56H103N9O39 Molecular Weight : 1526.464 g/mol Appearance : Slight yellow Status : Commercial
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